About Us

Maamoul, is a small dome-shaped Middle Eastern pastry with a slightly crumbly crust that is stuffed with different fillings. Each different Middle Eastern region has their own traditional Maamoul recipe.  

Our Maamoul recipe, has been carried on through generations since 1900. Our great Grand Mother ‘Mama Aisha’ (1884 - 1985) born in Al Hejaz, in the western region of Saudi Arabia, has been known as the Master Chef of Maamoul.

Traditionally during the time, they used to have Maamoul days where the ladies of the area would gather and prepare the dough and fillings to make freshly baked Maamoul for Eid, weddings and special occasions. These memories have been engraved in the generations that followed. We all remember those days where the home was filled with the joys of Eid and the authentic scents of the Maamoul.